Thesis tools

Here are a bunch of tools that can help you write your thesis

Make presentations easier

At some point in time someone will ask you to present your research; or talk about something in front of a bunch of people. I always thought it was silly how the speaker-notes in PowerPoint or google slides meant that you had to be stuck in front of the computer. I... read more

ReadCube thesis research software review

This is my favorite research tool right now. I love how you can type in a search term and it will find papers, then you can click ‘download’ and it will use your university library to pull the paper down to your computer. It makes research so neat and easy. You can highlight in the cube, and find and automatically download the papers that are referenced there.

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Stop getting distracted when writing your thesis

When I am listening to music online or using a YouTube video in a presentation I DO NOT want ads! The ads distract me and pull me over to the dark-side of procrastination by reducing my flow. So I use an adblocker. These work on YouTube and the Spotify web player. If... read more

My favorite thesis research tools

Right now, if you were to sneak into my computer (and I hope that you are polite enough not to do that), these are my favorite research tools that you will see I have been using: ReadCube I use it for finding articles and sucking them down onto my computer. If you... read more