When I am listening to music online or using a YouTube video in a presentation I DO NOT want ads!

The ads distract me and pull me over to the dark-side of procrastination by reducing my flow.

So I use an adblocker.

These work on YouTube and the Spotify web player.

If you are too poor to pay for Spotify Premium you don’t have to be distracted by ads!

You install an adblocker as a plugin for your browser and then use the Spotify web player (there’s nothing you can do about the ads in the app version of Spotify).

You should be careful when choosing your adblocker that you get a legitimate one, there are some adblockers that actually add more ads.

My preference is AdBlock Plus because they allow unobtrusive ads (which feels more fair for people that are making content that is funded by ads), it works with most browsers. An alternative if you use Chrome is AdBlock, it completely blocks everything.

Do you think that AdBlocking software adds to your quality of life as a research student?