I just walked from my desk to the kitchen to refill my coffee cup and I walked past the open door of a professor’s office. Inside I hear a passionate voice with an American accent saying:

“The problem is that in not very much time at all, we will need more memory than there are atoms in the known universe”

Firstly, that’s a super cool random thing to hear when walking to get coffee. I think in many workplaces I would be more likely to walk past and hear ‘are you finished with the Johnson file’ rather than a passionate discussion about the effects of exponential growth curves.

Also, it was fun – and I got to feel smart – putting together that they must be talking about Moore’s law that states that computer processing power doubles roughly every two years (or something like that, something about circuits and transistors, but we tend to think about it in relation to computers today).

And that got me thinking about pragmatic epistemology (which I’ve been writing about this week), and how those guys were happy to think of their knowledge as context dependent and a continual ‘rough-draft’.

Just sayin’ it’s nice to work in a place where people are thinking about ideas.