Mendeley has a comparison page where they say that nice interaction with my university library proxy is ‘coming soon’.

Compare Mendeley | Mendeley 2016-04-14 14-36-14

This sounds super great.

With EXProxy integration I could search for the article that I want and then the library would automatically download the full .pdf for me, brilliant!

So I did a little investigating.and this is when I discovered their lie. In 2011, this is what the Mendeley site was saying:

Compare Mendeley | Mendeley 2011-06-09

That was in 2011! Auuuugggghhhh! Almost there! What!

Please, please, please Mendeley, put some people on this problem!

I would LOVE it if Mendeley could add this feature, ReadCube does a pretty good job of this, but I reckon the smart folks at Mendeley could learn from their experience and create an even better implementation.