At some point in time someone will ask you to present your research; or talk about something in front of a bunch of people.

I always thought it was silly how the speaker-notes in PowerPoint or google slides meant that you had to be stuck in front of the computer. I thought ‘why can’t my phone have the notes on it and then it could act like a ‘clicker’ as well as showing me my notes!”

I personally prefer having minimal words on the slides, because I hate slide karaoke and I think that if the words are being spoken I should be reinforcing them with something visual on the slides, so I need the notes, because they are not on the screen!

I’m a fan of this approach and some smart folks agree with me, see: the Heath Brothers talk about their approach and Seth Godin’s “Really Bad Powerpoint – it’s looking a little dated, but is just as relevant today as ever before.

But someone has now built the perfect tool to turn my phone into the ultimate presentation tool!

It turns my phone into a ‘clicker’ for my google slide deck and shows me my notes right there on the screen.

Soooooo cool.

It comes in two parts, one is a web page and the other is a phone app. You have to be on the same WiFi network on both devices. For me, that meant that I had to use my own laptop and couldn’t use the computer set up in the classroom (because it wasn’t using WiFi, it was plugged into the ethernet point). But once I got my phone and my laptop on the same network it worked great.

They also have a feature where you can use your laptop camera to make a document projector, so you can write on paper and the camera grabs that and puts it up on the screen. Such a cool feature! But not one I used.

Also, it is free.

Click here to view the iPhone App (I haven’t tried this on an iPhone, I’d be interested in your comments about it)

Click here to view the Android App (I used the Android app)

Click here to view the website of the creators 

And here is a guy explaining how it works:

What do you use to make your presentations easier? I’d love to hear your comments below.